About Erica Reshard

I believe that a strength-based, client-centered foundation combined with unconditional positive regard are the keys to change and healing. I have a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Social Work which I received from Southern Connecticut State University. My Master’s degree has concentrations in both addictions and mental health. I am licensed to practice Social Work in the state of Connecticut (LCSW) and the state of Massachusetts (LICSW). In MA I practice via telehealth on a HIPPA-compliant video chat line. I am a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with almost two decades of experience. I am also a certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist.
 As an LCSW I treat individuals with a variety of mental health disorders. As an LADC my primary focus is substance use disorders. In addition, I work with trauma survivors, predominantly those with urban post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR and acupuncture are adjunct treatments that address substance use and distress, often related to personal trauma.
I understand and appreciate the meaning and the magnitude of the Akan word Sankofa. I stand on this principle whether it was one’s humanity, innocence, dignity, or any other precious life-affirming thing that was taken. Especially, if the loss has negatively impacted how one came to be who they are today.